The Raven is an extremely versatile sea kayak that really shines when the conditions pick-up. Its smooth hull is quick on the water and the gentle rocker profile enhances maneuverability.

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The Raven features a raking bow and stern, hard chines in the mid-ships and is very well balanced. This provides a very “neutral” trim creating a boat that is very quick and crisp handling in all conditions.

All surfaces are fair, avoiding unnecessary turbulent flow. This allows the boat to be highly maneuverable without loss of forward speed. The harder chines mid-ship provide great tracking while on a wave and the raked bow and stern actually increase the waterline length when the boat is loaded.The Infinity Sliding Seat and Backband add ultimate adjustability and comfort for a custom fit. The Raven is a great choice for the paddler wanting to do multi-day touring, day tripping, and ocean play in one kayak.

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Weight 52 lbs

16.9 ft




Read Pearl, Sapphire Blue, White, Yellow


24 in.