The Illusion was designed for  performance. We listened to what the experienced instructors, guides and kayakers wanted and set out to produce a kayak that would surpass their expectations in wind, waves and combined coastal conditions.


Their list:

  • Light and strong
  • Easy to roll
  • Responsive in all conditions
  • Safety rigging
  • Trouble free skeg
  • Boat control by edging and stroking

Fit preferences by build, so we have multiple combings offering different depths in the thigh area and additional padding in the thigh and hip areas for a personal fit.

Illusion Standard Features

  • Strong-Lite lay-ups are a proprietary lay-up which delivers: Kayaks 10% to 25% lighter than competitors. Eco friendly bagging of quality materials produces optimum strength to weight.
  • These two combined create unequalled strength and lightweights!
  • Radiused cockpit combing for lay-back rolls, cockpit is ergonomic and has added thigh braces
  • Large Sea Dog High Performance Hatches 10″ forward, 8″ day hatch,      17-1/4″ x 10″ oval rear hatch
  • Recessed deck fittings
  • Internally attached foot braces-no leaking
  • 2 Lightweight beveled bulkheads and an “L” shaped dayhatch to increase space in rear compartment.
  • Proprietary inside/outside sean joint
  • Paddle float arrangement
  • Lift Handles
  • Joe Greenley Custom seats -custom comfort
  • Sea Dog quick adjust pedals
  • Perimeter ropes and bungee’s
  • Proprietary designed and built skeg ” Skeel” (aft central retractable skeg with kink free cable design)
  • Water safety inspection before leaving the shop
  • Choice to change to a High combing –gives a bit more room for larger paddler


Custom bulkhead placement, Reflective graphics,  wear strip, custom side wave paint option, bulkhead in lieu of foot pedals.



Additional information

Weight 38-48 lbs

17 ft.


21 ft. 5 ins.

Cockpit Size

16 ins. x 32-5/8 ft.


295 lbs


10.1 cu.ft.

Cockpit Coaming Height

Aft: 7-3/4 in, Forward: 11-3/4 ins.

Height of Seat

1-1/4 ft.


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