10’8″ Malibu Soft Top


The Malibu stand up paddle (SUP) Soft Top board is the perfect paddleboard for first time riders looking for a complete package with all the necessary components (Package includes Board and Adjustable Aluminum Paddle).

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Based on the shape of the beloved Big EZ, the Malibu stand up paddle board adds a padded surface and supple plastic bottom that is resistant to blunt impacts from paddles, rocks and sticks. The fin is tough yet flexible so that it can bend without breaking and stay on the paddleboard even after running aground. It comes with a standard 10″ fin box that will accept any standard fiberglass fin as well. The Malibu Stand Up Paddle Board has a center mounted carry handle for easy pick up and carry. Because of this paddleboard’s durability, it can be dropped and abused longer than the average SUP board while still providing reliable performance. It is a great paddleboard for running down rivers and small rapids, places that may not be suitable for epoxy board construction.

Who is this stand up paddle board right for: This is a stable paddleboard that’ll float riders up to 260 pounds. It will provide a positive experience for the first time rider in flat water conditions, but can also be surfed in small and medium sized waves.

Performance Characteristics: The paddle board’s round nose, full rails, and flat bottom keep the board and paddler buoyant. The width of 30″ promotes lateral stability and resists tilting over.

Exercise Benefits: Regular stand up paddle board riders have noticed weight loss, fat burning and increased muscle tone.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs

10 ft. 8 in.


30 in.


6 ft.


Deck mounted center handle for easy carry


EPS Core, Soft Foam Top, Vinly Plastic Bottom