Day Tripping on Shasta
March 31, 2017

I and many others from Shasta Paddlers, an ACA paddle club, headed to Trinidad on Friday September 23rd for a full weekend of Instructor Training. We are on the path of getting the ACA Level 2 Instructor Certification, a certification that will allow us to teach Level 1 and 2 Intro to Kayaking classes. These classes go over basic paddling strokes and an intro to self-rescues and other types of rescues to help other get into their kayaks while on the water. 

For a beginner an ACA Intro to Kayaking class is one of the best places to start, especially if you have no kayaking experience. We can help you safely get into the sport without jumping head first into kayaking and having a displeasing experience. These classes are available through Headwaters Adventure Company at any time if you are interested. 

The American Canoe Association is a great place to start your kayaking adventures, from educational videos and paddle clubs to signing up for kayaking classes, they are your one stop shop. 


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