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October 5, 2016
Heroes on the Water
June 19, 2017

On Wednesday, May 24th, we paddled on Shasta Lake between Digger Bay and the end of Little Backbone Creek, about 2-3 miles. Because it was mid week and prior to Memorial Day, we didn’t see anyone else on the water.

We’ve been wanting to see the legendary “Water Slide” up in the Little Backbone Creek canyon, so we decided to make a day of exploring the area before the crowds showed up.  Because Shasta Lake was virtually full and the creek was running strong, the spillway into the pool was going to be something to see, so we hiked up to check it out.   We secured our kayaks in the shallow pools at the mouth of the creek, then scrambled up over the rocks along the creek to see the many beautiful features of the canyon.  You need to be careful and choose your path wisely, but with patience it’s quite accessible. At the end is the stunning blue green pool with a slick waterfall filling it.  Because there’s a rope climb needed to get up onto the slide, we just admired the area while wading (and swimming).

There are so many day kayak adventures you can do in the north state.
With a little research and a good map you can come up with your own!


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